About Publisher

A relatively young German publishing house with specialization in scientific publications rapidly gained in popularity among students, graduate students, masters, doctors, candidates of sciences who publish their works. The German publishing house has not only got «closer» to Russian authors, but also authors from the former Soviet Union.ORT Publishing (Moscow, Russia), the representative of ORT Publishing in Russia, provides complex support of Russian-speaking audience from answers to all possible questions regarding publication of articles and issuing of monograph to complete arrangement and acceptance of payments for publications.

Nowadays, the publications issued by ORT Publishing include:

  • European Applied Sciences, a monthly magazine dedicated to problems of human, social, natural and technical sciences
  • Collection of materials of distance conferences
  • Collective monographs
  • Individual author monographs

Apart from publications with respective German ISSN and ISBN numbers, applications for publications in monographs and conferences of an American partner publishing house CIBUNET Publishing (New York) with American ISBN numbers are accepted. Gradually, there will be an opportunity to publish works in Switzerland, Austria, Canada and England. The ORT Publishing team is working on the issue.

The printing of all editions is carried out by several printing houses in Germany, depending on the format and volume of an edition and circulation. Mainly, digital and offset printing on high technology equipment is used. Each edition, as a rule, is packed in a vacuum polyethylene film and sent to every author individually.

The advantages and distinctive features of ORT Publishing are:

  • impeccable competence;
  • impeccable responsibility in terms of work;
  • uninterrupted client support in German, English and Russian. No author’s enquiry remains unanswered;
  • flexible terms of payment both directly to the account of ORT Publishing and other ways of payment to the account of the representative office in Russia;
  •  optimal price policy of article publications and issuing of editions;
  • flexible and individual approach to the author of a publication;
  • each issued publication goes to the National Library of Germany (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek) and libraries of the state of Baden-Württemberg (Baden-Württembergische Landesbibliothek). Thus, your scientific work will be always found in the catalogues of largest European libraries and available for readers.