How to publish an article in "European Applied Sciences"

The articles are accepted till 31.03.2019 inclusively.

You can download all the below mentioned information as well as examples of references here:

Terms of publication of articles:

1. Working languages - English, German, Russian and Ukrainian. Example output article materials – Ivan, Nikolaev. Economic Development of Russia and the USA // Theoretical and Applied Sciences in the USA, proceedings of the 8th International scientific conference. Cibunet Publishing. New York, USA. 2015. P. 45-50. 

2. Please send Your article and author information to office@ortpublishing.de. The articles are admitted only through emails.

3. After reviewing, you will receive an email elaborating on all possible ways of payment within 3-5 days.

4. Pay for the processing of the article and its publication at the specified references. If you want to receive print issues of the journal, additionally pay for them, including shipping.

Attention! The calculation of a publication price and payment is carried out only after the material has been admitted by the editorial staff.

5. After the issue of the journal, we will immediately send you an electronic print versions of the journal.
  • The electronic version will be sent out within 40 work days from the final date of acceptance of the material for a current issue of the journal.
  • The print version will be sent out within 15 days from the date of distribution of the electronic version. The print version is published in Stuttgart (Germany) and sent out from Stuttgart by registered parcel post. The order of the print version is obligatory.
Prices for article publications and delivery of journals:
Publication of 1 article up to 6 pages of text  (1 800 signs without space), including 1 print issue sent by a registered parcel post

1 text page = 1800 signs without space, at calculation, the number of pages rounded up upward to a whole number
50 EUR 
Figures (photographs, diagrams), equations and tables in the text
+ 20% to the total sum of publication
Publication of one text page over included volume
6 EUR 
1 additional print issue of the magazine, including shipping by a registered parcel post
16 EUR 
Electronic version of the journal
Free of charge
Professional translation of an article (at author's request, is not a prerequisite) for 1 page of a text – 1800 characters without blank characters. We can help with following languages:
German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, English

German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, English
7 EUR 
Professional translation from or into other languages Available upon the author’s request
How to find out the approximate volume of the article in pages? In MS Word 2003 chose «Tools» => «Word Count», in MS Word 2007 or 2010 chose «Review» => «Word Count». Divide the number of signs without space by 1800 and get the number of pages.

Discounts on the total sum of publications:
10% Availability of publications at ORT Publishing (indicate the name, year and number)

Ways of payment through ORT Publishing, Russia:
  • Transfer via "Robokassa" - over 20 ways of payment including credit card, payment terminals, Internet-banking, mobile phones, iPhone/iPad, e-money
  • Transfer via "Z-Payment" - payments through Western Union, Contact, Zolotaya Korona, MoneyGram, Leader as well as banks of Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
  • Bank transfer (any bank on the territory of Russia)
  • E-money (WebMoney, Yandex.Money)
  • QIWI payments (via Internet, terminals, mobile phones, credit card)
Ways of payment through ORT Publishing, Germany:
  • Bank transfer in Euro
  • E-money (WebMoney, PayPal, MoneyBookers)
  • Other ways upon agreement with the editorial office
General requirements to articles and information about the author:
Type of publication Journal
"European Applied Sciences"
Translation into English or German
Surname, name, patronymic of the author required required
Title of the article required required
Thematic heading of  an article required
not required 
Place of study or work, position required
Academic degree, academic title required
Additional printed version of the journal
(if "YES", specify the number of copies / if "NO", put dash)
Contact number and  e-mail international format of the number; e.g.: +49(711)50432575
Residential  postal address with the area code to mail the journal.
After the address –  Full name of the recipient of the parcel
- fill in in the language common for the country of receipt of the parcel;
- name of the country should be repeated in English.
Tentative organization for payment
(select one - ORT Publishing, Russia or ORT Publishing, Germany)

General requirements to articles and information about the author:
Name of a file with application​ Separate file with a name "Application - Last name of an author"
(example, "Application – Petrov")
Name of a file with an article​ Separate file with a name "Topic category – Last name of an author"
(example, "Pedagogy – Petrov")
Type of files Microsoft Word 97-2010 (doc, rtf)
Page size А4
Margin top and bottom - 2 cm, left - 3 cm, right - 1,5 cm
Font Times New Roman
Text justification full justification of left and right margins
Paragraph 1,25 cm space
Page numbering not applicable
Abstract and key words of the article Added in Russian and English between the title and the main text of the article. An example is given in  Supplement №1 of the Request for publication.
Page references to the sources
(Page-by-page footnotes)
Page references (at the bottom of a page) with page number. In this case, all references in the work are numbered separately on each page – 1, 2, 3 etc. The font size – 10. The references from the table cells are not permissible. See an example of reference in Supplement №1 of the Invitation to publication.

Attention! End references (in square brackets) are not allowed.
List of literature references The used sources have to be put at the end of the article, numbered in alphabetic order. See an example in Supplement №2 of the Invitation to publication.
Figures / Diagrams Black and white, inserted in the text
Equations created via Word Equations
Volume of an article 5 pages and more (1 page = 1800 characters without blank characters; when calculating the pages, the number of pages is rounded up to a round number)

Title page requirements:
  • Fourth line – full name of an author, place of work/studies and occupation in English (in italicsright text alignment);
  • Third line – space;
  • Fourth line – full name of an author, place of work/studies and occupation in Russian (in italicsright text alignment);
  • Fifth line – space;
  • Sixths line – title in English or German (in bold, central text alignment);
  • Seventh line – space;
  • Eighth line – title in Russian (in bold, central text alignment);
  • Ninth line – space;
  • Tenth line – text of the article.
Example of a front page as well as list of references can be found in Supplement №1 and in Supplement №2 of the Invitation for publishing.