About author’s monographs

     We offer service for publication of author’s monographs and collections of articles on the humanities, social, technical and natural sciences with granting a German ISBN and other imprint, sending of deposit copies of monographs  to the library stacks and catalogues of the National Library of Germany  (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek) and the Library of the Land of Baden-Württember  (Baden-Württembergische Landesbibliothek).

Publication of a monograph takes approximately 1,5-2 months from the date of payment.

For preliminary calculation of the cost of publication, it is required to fill in the 

form on the website or the one in the  Invitation for publishing.

Publication cost of an author's monograph

The number of pages is defined as follows: 1 page of =1800 signs without gaps.
Making-up of the text (Creation of the model of the book)
1 EUR / Page
Text corrections
1 EUR / Page
Tables, formulas, photos at the text
20 EUR
German ISBN
Cover design
20 EUR
Typographical expenses depend on units*
Delivery of printed copies depending on quantity of printed copies, their total weight, a class of sending and the destination 
*the quantity of printed copies can't be less than 20


For example, your manuscript makes 220 author's pages (1800 signs/page), consists of 5 sections, has available formulas and tables, and you would like to receive 20 copies of the book of the A5 format.

The cost of such issue will make:
  • Making-up of the text: 220Pages x 1EUR/Page=220 EUR
  • Tables, formulas, photos at the text - 44EUR
  • Proofreading of the text: 220Pages x 1EUR/Page=220 EUR
  • German ISBN: 3 EUR
  • Cover design: 20EUR
  • Printing of 20 books of the A5 format in a soft cover: 120 EUR (approximate cost)
  • The total cost will make: 624 euros (without delivery of printing books)
  • Delivery costs depends on the destination, quantity of the copies and entire weight of a parcel.
For exact cost calculation please send the request to the e-mail: