Conditions for articles in technical monograph "Technical and natural sciences in Europe: development and adoption of innovative concepts"

How to publish an article in the technical collective monograph

Download the below specified information as well samples of the links and literature references format:
Invitation for publishing (412 Kb)
  •  Send the article and information about the author to both emails and The articles are only accepted via email.
  • After passing the review, you will receive an email with complete calculation of cost and all possible ways of payment within 3-5 days.
 Attention! Calculation of the cost of publication and payment are done only after the acceptance of the materials by the organization committee.
  • Please pay for the service of processing and publication according to the banking details.
  • We will send you author’s copies immediately after publication.
       Money paid by the authors of the articles compensates for editorial, correction, publishing and postal expenses.

Prices for article publications and delivery of the monographs:
Publication of 1 page, including front page, footnotes and list of references

1 page of text (around 1800 characters without space) in case of exceeding the volume included in the registration fee
6,5 EUR
Objects in the text (charts, pictures, images, tables, diagrams) and more than 30 formulas
+ 20% to the total cost of publication
3 printed author’s copies of the book, including sending by a registered post
Additional copy, including sending by a registered post 
14 EUR
(for every additional copy)
Electronic version of the book
Professional translation into English or German
Upon the author’s request

[1] How to find out a tentative volume of an article in pages? Select «Service» in MS Word => «Statistics». Divide the number of characters without space by 1800 and obtain the number of pages. 

Discounts on total cost of publication:
Previous publications with ORT Publishing or LLC "ANO Premier"
(specify the name, year and issue)

Ways of payment through ANO PREMIER Ltd., Russia:
  • Transfer via «Robokassa» – over 20 ways of payment, including while at home – bank card, through payment terminals, Internet banking, mobiles, iPhone/iPad, e-cash. 
  • Transfer via «Z-Payment» –  Western Union, Contact, Zolotaya Korona, MoneyGram, Lider, as well as acceptance of funds via the banks of Ukraine and Kazakhstan 
  • Bank transfer (any bank in Russia) 
  • E-cash (Webmoney, Yandex.Money) 
  • QIWI payments (via Internet, terminals, mobiles, bank card)
Ways of payment through ORT Publishing, Germany:
  • Bank transfer in Euro
  • E-cash (PayPal, Skrill)
  • Transfers via Western Union, MoneyGram, Contact
  • Other ways of payment are possible upon the agreement with the editorial staff
General requirements to articles and information about the author:

Type of publication 
Technical and natural sciences in Europe:
development and adoption of innovative concepts"
Translation into English or German
Фамилия, имя, отчество автора required
Название статьи required
Место работы или учебы, должность required preferably
Ученая степень, ученое звание required
Additional printed version of the journal
(if "YES", specify the number of copies / if "NO", put dash)
Contact number and e-mail International format of the number; e.g.: +49(711)50432575
Residential postal address with the area code to mail the journal.
After the address – full name of the recipient of the parcel
- fill in in the language common for the country of receipt of the parcel;
- name of the country should be repeated in English.
Tentative organization for payment
(select one - LLC "ANO Premier", Russia or ORT Publishing, Germany)

General requirements to articles and information about the author:
Name of the file with application for publishing​ Separate file  with the name "Application - Surname of the Author"
(example, "Application – Petrov")
Name of the file with the article​ Separate file  with the name "Name of the column of the article – Surname of the author"
(example, "Pedagogy – Petrov")
File type Microsoft Word 97-2010 (doc, rtf)
Sheet size А4
Margins top and bottom - 2 cm, left - 3 cm, right - 1,5 cm
Font Times New Roman
Text alignment full justification of left and right margins
Paragraph (ident) 1,25 cm
Page numbering not applicable 
Page references to the sources
(Page-by-page footnotes)
Page-by-page footnotes (at the bottom of the page) with page-by-page numbering.  In this case, all references in the work are numbered separately on every page - 1, 2, 3 etc. The font size is 10. The references from the table cells are not permissible. See an example in Supplement №1 of the Request for publication.
Attention! End references (in square brackets) are not allowed.
List of references The used sources have to be put at the end of the article, numbered in alphabetic order. See an example in Supplement №2 of the Request for publication.
Pictures / diagrams black and white, incorporated  in the text
Formulas created in the formula builder of Word
Volume of the article 15 pages and more
(1 page of text = 1800 characters without blank characters; when calculating the pages, the number of pages is rounded up to a round number)

Title page requirements:
  • Fourth line – full name of an author, place of work/studies and occupation in English (in italicsright text alignment);
  • Third line – space;
  • Fourth line – full name of an author, place of work/studies and occupation in Russian (in italicsright text alignment);
  • Fifth line – space;
  • Sixths line – title in English or German (in bold, central text alignment);
  • Seventh line – space;
  • Eighth line – title in Russian (in bold, central text alignment);
  • Ninth line – space;
  • Tenth line – text of the article.
Example of a front page as well as list of references can be found in Supplement №1 and in Supplement №2 of the Invitation for publishing.